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helping companies and teams transform FASTER

Experience An unfair advantage to successfully design and implement digital transformations For Your Company

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The Ultimate Digital Transformation Solution

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"Working with Murray and Change Foresight was indeed the best decision our company ever made. Yes, there was hesitation at first but when I sat down with him and  discussed all the prevailing problems and major issues we had in our company, Murray laid out out a strategic solution to every single digital transformation challenges we had. 5 Stars for Murray Cowan and Change Foresight. We sincerely thank you for guiding us.

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Macy boyd

CEO | Funnel Expert PH

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Digital transformation & change advisor | Strategic facilitator | mentor & board member

Murray has been dominating the region and the world of digital transformation for more than 20 years - ‘good, bad and ugly’ - experience of end-to-end strategy development to change implementation functions through management and leadership teams up to board level.

He holds a practical experience in all stages of organizational life from start-up to growth to reductions to mergers to closures.

Also, he has practical experience of all stages of change (initial design, strategy and planning, readiness preparations, implementation and evaluation).

He's been certified in latest and best methods for strategy, digital transformation, adoption and change management, performance culture and leadership facilitation and collaboration.

Lived and worked in 18 countries and experience of 12 industries and sectors.

Countries like Afghanistan, Bahamas, Cambodia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Iraq, Ireland, Kosovo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, UK.

Industries like Finance, Agriculture, Defence, Education, Energy Environment, Health, Interior and Local Government, Revenue/Tax Administration, Transport and Utilities.




with innovative business and operating models.

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change foresight

Initial discovery workshops

Introduction To Digital Maturity Assessment

This service covers:

⦿ Future of Trends: For companies, industry/sector, functions (trends depending on needs/objections).

⦿ Capability Orientations: ‘What Good Looks Like’, the level of capability needed to succeed with digital transformation - 1) technology, 2) people, 3) governance, 4) customer, 5) operations and 6) innovation

⦿ Business Model Development: Explore impacts on company business models of trends (external focus) - eg business model canvas, lean canvas.

⦿ Operating Model Development: Explore impacts on company operating model of trends (internal focus) - e.g. organizational structure, people and skills, process, technology and data and insights/reporting.

⦿ Vision And High-Level Roadmap: Provide companies with initial draft to consolidate existing initiatives and advise on essential foundations as immediate next steps.

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change foresight

Strategy (challenge) workshop

The Challenge Assessment Programme

This program identifies and chooses the priority challenge / opportunity and develops the strategy. This includes strategies for digital transformation of customer experience or operations, company scaling methods and so much more.

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change foresight

Digital Maturity Assessment

The Full Digital Assessment Programme

This programme includes:

⦿ Onboarding including stakeholder identification, coordination and data collection.

⦿ Kick-off workshop(s) including executive/management teams and functional teams.

⦿ Workshops with the functional teams for each dimension (capability) to determine their current and target states - inputs direct into our platform.

Report generation using our unique platform and presented directly to you:

⦿ Executive summary.

⦿ Overall current Digital Maturity score.

⦿ Current scores for each of the 6 x dimensions (capabilities).

⦿ Current benchmarking scores with industry average and industry best.

⦿ Target states for each dimension and target state for benchmarking (the difference the recommendations will make).

⦿ Recommended initiatives to achieve desired target state including sequence, capex/opex needed, effort, urgency and impact.

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change foresight

Team execution programme

12-Week Exclusive Programme

The programme supports teams to take action on their priority challenge by learning and applying the latest and best methods = a fast, practical, relevant real-world alternative to training (too general) and consultancy (too slow).

Rapid access to a focused, guided and highly practical 12 week programme customized to:

⦿ Meet specific demands of the initiative.

⦿ Meet actual needs of the complete team.

⦿ Include continuous, guided expert support.

⦿ Current benchmarking scores with industry average and industry best.

⦿ Be flexible to meet emergent needs.​

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change foresight

Digital transformation 101

5-Part Video Series 

We live in a digital world that is constantly changing, and there is no doubt that the resulting uncertainty creates huge anxiety about the best way to respond. This is especially true for scaling and established businesses.

This 5-Part Video Series we produced will give you clarity and genuine ideas to help you understand why you need to adapt to change and how Change Foresight can assist you.

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change foresight

survive and succeed in the digital era

Never-Been-Released Exclusive Video 

We understand that every single, thriving company in this day and age need to survive and succeed in the digital era.

This means successfully identifying the optimum digital transformation strategy and implementing it at scale and speed.

To maximize the potential of digital transformation, companies have to think "beyond technology" by building brilliant teams and implementing innovative business and operating models.

This exclusive, never-been-released video is here to fast track your way to digital transformation.

This solves the complex digital transformation challenges you are facing.

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DIGITAL Assessment built IN A UNIQUE platform

That Automates Your Digital Transformation needs

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take appropriately focused actions

Get your unfair advantage to successfully design and implement digital transformations faster.

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